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Your very own work of art, composed of all glass, or all marble, for you to enjoy forever. Everytime your gaze rests on it, you feel pleasure.

Learning to create your every own mosaics. A whole new world opens up.

Mosaic: a composition made from bits of tile, glass, or other broken bits. Mosaics date back centuries and have been the favorites of the Romans and the Greeks. Italian churches are a great place to see Byzantine or glass mosaics. Modern mosaics may be made of anything, in any style.

My Story

In 1998 I read a gardening magazine article about making a mosaic flower pot, while home on break from working offshore in the geophysical industry. I made one, then made some more, and off I went, with zero training as an artist. So, I bought books on making mosaics, lots of books. I learned to order supplies online, vitreous tile, stained glass, porcelain tile. The books taught me about adhesives, indoor mosaics vs. outdoor mosaics, wet vs. dry, which materials outdoors or in wet areas, etc. Still I had no formal art training....

Time for Education

I continued making mosaics while not working at my 'day job'. Finally, in August, 2013, I retired from geophysics, and started devoting more time to what I truly love, creating mosaics and teaching students.

What they said

Ruairi Curtin, Owner, The Penrose, NYC.

NY Eater

Look at the photos. It's famous! Thanks so much again.. I absolutely love the mosaic. I've been showing some friends the photo of the mosaic. All of them have the same reaction... their jaws drop!!! It is going to look incredible. Everybody comments on it!! I'm impressed by your professionalism and how determined you are to get everything just right.


Dean Blackwood, President, Revenant Records, Austin, Texas.

And now, some official words of praise............. The mosaic is a jaw-dropper! We're now using it in all our presentation materials for our new Paramount Records box set, and it really stops people in their tracks when they see it.

It's a testament to your great instincts, keen eye and professional approach to your craft that you've been able to capture the spare elegance of period-1920s record label art without resorting to "retro" tropes or gimmicks.

But I think what people are responding to most is just the obvious love, care, and attention to detail that you bring to everything you do.

Thank you!



Jane and James M, beach house mosaic clients.

Sheri, It's beautiful. We love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!





Dan B., mosaic student.

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your instruction and learning how to use Smalti mosaic tile. As I told you in the beginning, I have never attempted to do any type of art as I thought I would never be able to have the talent. I took a chance to learn how to design and construct mosaic tile pieces and I am so fortunate to have had you as the instructor. You took the time and patience to not only show me how to design and construct my mosaic from vision to finished piece, but you took the time to tell me about the history of this rich art form and incorporated into your instruction all of the different types of mosaic art and the fundamentals necessary to know how to work in each mosaic tile form.

I would highly recommend you as an instructor for any person who would like to learn how to work in this fascinating art form from a person who has a passion for mosaic art and the patience to instruct.

I still can't believe I actually completed a mosaic piece from start to finish!!!

Thank you so much Sheri.


A Few Mosaics

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