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Flapper Girl Earth Machine Art Deco I Art Deco II Art Deco III
Flapper Girl. Vitreous tile, stained glass, approx 8" x 11". $175. Machine, John Herd photograph design. Vitreous tile, gold smalti, fused glass, 12 1/4" x 14 1/4", $225. Art Deco I, Vitreous and mirror tile, 16" x 28 1/2 " $150. Art Deco II, Glass, mirror tile, 11 3/4" x 15 3/4", $175 Art Deco III, Vitreous tile, white gold smalti, 12" x 16", $200.
Flapper Girl Earth Machine Art Deco I Art Deco II Art Deco III
Circlular mirror. Vitreous tile, smalti, 18" diameter. $115. Floral Piano, Italian marble, 18" x 18". $185. Art Nouveau flower. Vitreous tile, 12" x 16 " $125. Ancient Fish. Marble, ceramic tile. 24" x 24", $165 Portholes, Marble, ceramic, clear glass, mirror, 12" diameter, $130 for the pair.

Commissioned Mosaics

Sunrise The Penrose Restaurant Paramount Eagle Mermaid
Sunrise, private client's dining room art niche, Missouri City, Tx. Floor mosaic, restaurant, NYC. Paramount Eagle for marketing material, record company, Austin. Pool mosaic, private client, Houston.
Scorpio Stepping Stone Cave Canem Beach House Akumal Turtle
Scorpio stepping stone, private client, The Woodlands, Tx. Floor mosaic, private client's 'doghouse', College Station, Tx. Patio mosaic, private client's beach house, Galveston, Tx. Wall mosaic, private client's beach condo, Akumal, Mx.
USAF USAF 2 Nightstand Nightstand2
USAF emblem for a veteran USAF version 2 Nightstand top hers Nightstand top his

Tables, Walls, and More

Marble Rope Table Marble Scroll Table Circle Table Abstract Table Marble Circle Table
Tumbled marble. Polished marble and granite. Vitreous (glass) tile. Vitreous (glass) tile. Tumbled marble.
Green Eye Brown Eye Abstract for Donna Abstract for Susan Abstract for Candy Worry Stones Fused Pendants Peridot Pendant
Frida bottle 1 Frida bottle 2 Frida bottle 3 Frida bottle 4 Frida bottle 1a Frida bottle 2a Frida bottle 3a Frida bottle 4a
Tango S II Stepping stone I Stepping Stone II S
Gold Cross Country Tray Studio Sign House Number House Number II
Frida Rose Tray Rose Tray II Girr Frida Kahlo
Ancient Urn Confetti Cristo Celtic Knot Jewelry Box
Aztec Cork Board Oval Mirror P Frida Vase
Union Jack Shell Red Dragonfly Ivy Box Ivy Box 2
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